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The instructions that come with Leica's rewind crank read:
"Slight marks from the screw on the rewind knob are unavoidable."

Well, they're not using the MP-Winder® with the "Poly Plug®!"

The Poly Plug® is a red polymer spacer, ahead of the set screw. The Poly Plug® is so unique it is being patented.

Beautifully machined from aircraft alloy aluminum and stainless steel, the MP-Winder® blends elegantly with the camera body. No unsightly gap at the camera's bottom. The original knurled knob is hidden, and undamaged. Rather than being clipped off flat at the back, a counterbored setscrew hole allows for a continuous curve.

Incorporating a very thin wall completely surrounding the rewind knob, the MP-Winder® drops on smoothly at installation. Even when raised for rewinding, MP-Winder® looks like an integral part of the camera, not an "add on". A crisp diamond knurl on the handle provides an immediate and much more positive grasp.

An undercut design makes telescoping unnecessary. MP-Winder® achieves the same low profile as Leica's rewind crank. The lack of telescoping, with its inherent slack, results in a smoother cranking action. Better grasp eliminates the tendency to push the winder down, which could damage the camera body.

Besides the Leica MP, the MP-Winder® should also nicely fit the Leica M2 and M3. The product has been on the market since early 2004, and there has yet to be a report of one that didn't fit. Leica, however, states that their rewind crank fits "most" M2s and M3s, so they must know that some cameras had knurled knobs that were oversized, or some other inconsistency. Should your camera turn out to be one of these rarities, Photo Equip offers a "no questions asked" guarantee on all our products upon their intact return, so you would only be risking the cost of shipping to try one out.

The MP-Winder® has a hard non-chipping anodized finish and is available in either silver or black.

Insist on an MP-Winder® with the Poly-Plug®, for your Leica's sake!

"They are clearly better made than the Leica OEM part and the poly plug inside the winder assures that you won't mar your expensive camera if you over tighten the crank. In addition the metal ring that surrounds the rewind knob provides more even force to the spindle, making faster rewinding possible without that "wobble" typical of the Leica version.” ...Rich Pinto - Photo Village

"Fit and finish is high and .... I can buy one of these and 25 rolls of Tri-X and rewind them before I spent the money for the Leica rewind crank" ... Tom Abrahamsson - VIEWFINDER

"The winders are great, and seeing much use on my MPs." ... Constantine Manos - Noted Photographer

The MP-Winder® is now exclusively available from Pop Flash Photo . You can not order them from this web site. Contact Pop Flash Photo directly by phone at 805-492-6548 or 805-492-6444, or by email at for ordering details.


Price: $199.00